Lease Return Centre

Lease Return Centre

Orangeville Volkswagen is an Authorized Volkswagen Lease Return Centre. We accept all Volkswagen lease returns originally leased in Canada. We’re here for you to ensure your lease return process is as smooth and simple as possible.

You have options

Not ready to part ways with your leased vehicle? You have the option to purchase, finance or extend the lease on your vehicle.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new experience? Upgrade to one of our latest models and take advantage of the Volkswagen Loyalty Program.

Returning your lease

We’ve outlined what you can expect and the steps you need to take before you return your lease.

Step 1: Schedule your vehicle inspection

Your vehicle inspection will be carried out by AutoVIN on behalf of Volkswagen Finance. One of their representatives will call you within 60 days of the end of your lease to set up an appointment.

If you don’t hear from AutoVIN, contact them at 1-800-268-6639 to set up an appointment.

You can arrange to have your inspection during the day, at either your home or place of work. An AutoVIN representative will inspect your vehicle for any excess wear or damage*.

After the vehicle inspection, you will receive an inspection report.

Step 2: Schedule your vehicle return appointment

Once your vehicle is inspected and you’re in possession of the inspection report, contact us to begin your lease return. Schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 519-941-3317.

Step 3: Returning your vehicle

Your lease return appointment should only take about 15 minutes. The following items are required to complete your lease return:

  • Vehicle Ownership
  • All vehicle keys (including valet key)
  • Vehicle owner’s manual
  • Spare tire and tools
  • Navigation disc (if applicable)
  • Original wheels
  • Cargo cover (if applicable)
  • All headrests present
  • Any other accessories listed on the lease agreement

Please ensure you’re in possession of all items prior to your lease return appointment. A final inspection will be completed by Orangeville Volkswagen upon receipt of the vehicle.

For more information please contact us at 519-941-3317.

*To avoid potential Excess Wear and Tear charges, please ensure your vehicle has been maintained in good operating condition and appearance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations in the Owner’s Manual and the Warranty and Maintenance Guide. Repairs and scheduled maintenance must be completed prior to your vehicle return. Please contact us for further details.