Winter Tires

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Winter is just around the corner which means it’s time to get your Volkswagen equipped with winter tires.

Why Winter Tires?

Good-quality winter tires increase your traction and shorten your stopping distance in slush, ice, and snow. Winter tires:

  • Provide better traction on dry roads, ice, snow, and slush in colder temperatures
  • Have an aggressive tread design and siping (slits) to bite snow and push away water and slush.
  • Are made of a rubber compound that stays flexible in cold weather conditions.


As the winter season approaches, it's vital to prioritize your vehicle's safety and performance on icy and snow-covered roads. At Orangeville Volkswagen, we recognize the crucial role that winter tires play in enhancing your driving experience during the colder months. Winter tires are specifically designed with special tread patterns and rubber compounds to provide superior traction and handling in cold and slippery conditions, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Our knowledgeable team makes ordering and installing these essential tires a breeze and conducts a thorough multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle's overall readiness for the season. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service is underscored by our dedication to keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable during the winter, making Orangeville Volkswagen your trusted partner for winter tire solutions. Drive with confidence, knowing that you have the right tires and exceptional service to conquer the challenges of winter.